Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

To ensure that customers are provided a service level consistent with the high expectations of both YUNM LLC and our customers, we have the following Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering service interruptions related to network, power, and hardware.


1.1. YUNM LLC guarantees that your services connect to the Internet and will be accessible 99% of the time in any given calendar month. If YUNM LLC fails to meet its Uptime Guarantee, you will be issued a credit equivalent to one (1) day of service per sixty (60) minutes downtime. The first 60 minutes (or 0.1%) of downtime per month are not counted towards any credit and the maximum credit available is one (1) month of service.

1.2. Credits are only available for future services/invoices and cannot be issued as refunds. All credit requests must be sent via our official request form at
Support ticket no later than the tenth (10th) day of the month following the SLA (as that term is defined below) violation. Credits are issued based on
the uptime for the previous calendar month only and requests not submitted within the required time frame cannot be approved.

1.3. For example, if you experienced less than 99% uptime in the month of November, you would need to submit your request for credit no later than December 10th.

1.4. The following circumstances are not eligible for credit and are specifically excluded from our Uptime Guarantee: scheduled maintenance, DDoS or similar attack,
hardware failure, third-party software failure, customer maxing its resource container, issues resulting from errors or omissions by the customer, issues relating to
the customer’s ISP, firewall blocks/bans, or any other circumstance beyond our reasonable control. All credits are at the discretion of YUNM LLC, based on its investigation of any issue that is covered by this section.

1.5. If YUNM LLC provides a credit, or Service Level Agreement, for a particular Service, this shall be your sole and exclusive remedy for defects in, or issues
with, the Service.

Hardware Guarantee – (Dedicated Servers Only):

SIngleRack guarantees to replace failed hardware components in regularly stocked dedicated servers at no cost to the Customer within a five hours. Hardware replacement will begin once we identify the cause of the problem. This guarantee of 5 hours does not include additional actions such as software installations, OS reinstalling, or other data or backup services. In the event that it takes us more than 5 hours to replace faulty hardware.
Hardware is defined as the Processor(s), RAM, hard disk(s), motherboard, NIC and other related hardware included under the server lease.
Occasionally servers and systems must be brought down for routine maintenance and upgrades to ensure that your site will perform optimally. However, we strive to keep such service interruptions to a minimum, and, when possible, give you advance notice of scheduled any maintenance. Scheduled service outages do not qualify for this guarantee!
Additionally, this guarantee is your remedy for any unscheduled downtime of more than limits outlined above. Downtime must be confirmed by a staff member in our support system.
we will credit your account for 10 days of service, calculated based on the cost of the monthly recurring fees directly related to the interrupted service. Maximum credit given will not exceed the amount of the charge for the customer service with us. The credit will be applied to your invoice on your next due date. Downtime is measured from the time the customer records such failure in the support ticket system and until a resolution is provided in that ticket.